We will be able to run this old age home with generous contributions from individuals like you and corporate. As you know we are in initiate and with the existing resources it is very difficult to construct the Buildings and we appeal to corporate donors to sponsor for the Building Construction. We envision a society where elderly have the Right to an active, healthy and dignified life. We are integrating our programs and services for better development and long term sustainability for seniors.

Indvidual & Corporates Can Help us by:

Leisure Activities

You can arrange a leisure activity for them. We can organize the special events or picnic for the elders.

Sponsoring Food

You can help us by sponsoring the food of old age home. You can sponsor breakfast, lunch, dinner or special diets, special lunch.

Giving Clothes

You can also support us by donating cloths or seasonal cloths like sweaters, blankets etc. You can donate the bedding also.

Expend the Network

You can support us by expending our network through social media.

Salary to Staff

We have full time paid staff for caring of elders. You can sponsor the salary of them.

Special Occasions

You can help us by celebrating your special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festival with elders.

Adopt Parent

You can adopt elders as parent and can take care of them individually. You can bring them forever at your home.

Medical Care

You can sponsor the medical care by paying doctor fee, donating medicines and by paying salary to medical staff.

Become Volunteer

You can become volunteer and can participate in every task or event actively. You can become the part of foundation.

Awareness Campaign

You can conduct awareness campaign at your place like office, school, society, friend circle etc.

Advertisement Space

You can help us by providing an advertisement space or You can sponsor an advertisement.

Physical Efforts

It is a way of helping us and contributing to help and change the environment around you for the better.